Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask


Sleep is very important and most of us dont get nearly enough of it. Thats why we’ve created these beautiful products with the intent to help you get that great shut eye.


Made from soft crushed velvet, these handmade deluxe ruffled eye masks have double interfacing resulting in both comfort and guaranteed light blocking. These masks are designed with the purpose of keeping melatonin levels at a  high level; enabling you to have a comfortable nights sleep.


Above all these super soft sleeping masks are especially comfortable, presenting a smooth and silky feel on your skin. An absolute pleasure to wear. They are so  damn gorgeous and come in a huge range of stunning colours. There are many health benefits surrounding having a great nights sleep and getting the eight hours we need. These Sleeping masks are guaranteed to give you that well deserved sleep with no interruptions. The soft velvet fabric is also great for your skin as it helps prevent wrinkles.


Additional bonus: They are gorgeous and come in a huge range of stunning colours.


Do not resist spoiling yourself and your loved ones !