‘Throw away’ - can we stop this wastage of ‘fast’ fashion?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We're sure we have all been guilty of that panic multi-purchase internet shopping... was it for an event…. a holiday… or just to cheer ourselves up?  BUT with hindsight we have to admit we did over buy! How many times did we actually wear these items?  Are they still lingering in the back of our wardrobes? Were they sold on Ebay or at a car boot sale, maybe donated to a local charity shop?

Either way a single or occasional wear is not the right step forward, not only for environmental reasons but also to fight the war against sweat shop ‘slavery!’

Obviously we're not promoting binning ‘fast’ fashion but we need to address our own personal responsibility in slowing down the criminal wastage this fashion can entail. At TiffMitch we're broken hearted by the capital greed that now fuels the engine of ’fast’ fashion of some notorious suppliers. Yet today there is a real opportunity for a collective conscience as ‘purchasers’ to blacklist these offenders by refusing to buy, being so greedy wanting more and more.

TiffMitch is very proud to be involved in this movement boycott, the destructive nature of some ‘fast fashion' wastage. Recycling is one obvious solution – lets challenge our innovative and creative spirits. 

Working closely with this concept.

Fashion is special, beautiful and personal. It’s time for us to take control, shop well and shop small. We all need to support each other, to promote and sustain the fashion student who is trying to establish a new exciting brand in this difficult Covid 19 economy. We need to search outside of the tunnel of the high street stores, be excited to find more new, interesting & sustainable outlets.  Let the craft that is fashion live in our souls. We need to appreciate, we are all in this wonderful world together, let's remind ourselves of that, make ‘fashion’ and above all kindness.

Our products are handmade with love and care. Crafted to last and provide pleasure. Many made with materials from independent market stall holders here in the UK and some from India.

Our products are all beautifully designed to be enjoyed and celebrate the fashion that we enjoy here and also with an expression of appreciation and reminder us that we must look to the future, because if we don’t no one will. 

We care a lot about our, environment and we know that we're not the only ones!

I believe that fighting the evils of ‘fast fashion' will benefit many globally.