Exmouth Market

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Recently we were fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to set up our own pop up shop during the run up to Christmas, in the heart of London's Exmouth Market, Angel Wow! An incredible opportunity and challenge to create a store from a bare empty space, unfurnished and unfinished and somehow this had to be turned around to a boutique that would encourage customers in and make them want to purchase our beautiful handmade products.

The project began and of course time was against me - the pressure was on. How were we going to fill a huge shop.. in one day... make it look inviting, exciting and professional without making it mainstream. We didn't want time pressures to result in our brand being undermined. It needed to entice customers to come in, browse and buy. It was totally daunting and overwhelming but also an incredible time. As we all know its good to be pushed and then excel.

Whilst the shop truly looked amazing, unfortunately wet weather reduced the footfall significantly for the few days the shop was operating but we learnt a huge amount from this episode and loved every minute with all the ups & the downs. As you can imagine it has prepared us for the challenges ahead of setting up and selling at festivals, music events and city markets.

'we live and we learn in life.'