A little bit about us

"Harmonising oneness through fashion."


The TiffMitch brand began in 2016 and has ever since brought the best selection of beautifully crafted handmade products directly to our customers. The brand has become synonymous with quality and creative passion, selling in 5* hotels in the Turks and Caicos Islands and at various outlets in the UK, as well as online.


At TiffMitch, we try to ensure there is always a permanent selection of ‘loveable’ handmade and bespoke designs, alongside other unique limited editions and some seasonal items.

Our ethos is to make desirable items for the approval of our customers, designs which we constantly revise and evolve. We want our customers to appreciate how beautifully they all are individually and use our products to help give them the confidence they desire.


At TiffMitch we want to promote a common harmony between the individual and their fashion choices – an opportunity for personal expression and an acceptance of others diverging preferences -  live and let live!


All of our beautiful products have been handmade.


Producing sustainable products, we are dedicated believers in a fashion system working towards greater ecological integrity and social justice.


TiffMitch consciously  promotes individuality and it's acceptance, advocating kindness to all  and the appreciation of life.


Tiff Mitch embraces the beauty in one another,  binding us together in the love of life.